Alexander Haridi, Director of DAAD Cairo (1999-2005)

The subversive power of creativity

…. Ms. Kümper taught her students the necessary concepts and techniques, and encouraged them to study and interpret them in a way that reflected on their own outlook on life and perception of the world. This is an intercultural masterpiece, something that could only be achieved by working together – simply talking to each other is not enough.

The project called “Insight – Outside” unfolds the potential of Ms. Kümper’s enthusiastic commitment. Students produced fashion items using their own designs. Their work expresses confidence in their own ideas and judgement. The technically flawless realisations reflect the skills required to express ideas through the means of materials and cuts.

It comes as no surprise that certain authorities in the faculty fear, rather than welcome, their students’ energies. Creativity is subversive.

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