Are your inner and outer beauty in harmony?
Do your coverings represent your nature?
Am I, what you see?
Do I show, who I am?
Questions and mind games.

Johannes Ebert, Director of Goethe-Institut Cairo/Alexandria (2002-2007)

“… The creations on stage emphasize the body’s silhouette, almost erotic of a kind never seen in the streets of Cairo. On the other hand, the designers are veiling by means of routine, the ubiquitous headscarf. This contrast between creation and creator, between imagination and reality, provokes questions leading to numerous discussions such as wearing the veil, religion, body feeling and being a woman, discussions that are going on in the Arab world and in Europe alike.

They are questions of self-image, identity, the ambivalent relationship with Western aesthetics, the scope and depth of cultural dialogue….”

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